Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DIY Photo Holiday Ornament Tutorial from SeptemberHouse

Who is ready for a fun tutorial? I have a quick little 'how-to" to share today that I think you will enjoy. These easy to make ornaments can be personalized in so many ways - paint or stain your ornament frame, embellish your photo design with embroidery, use some cool filters when you edit your photos - however you decide to personalize this project it is sure to be a fun one. You can find these new ornament frames at SeptemberHouse.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Ornament Frames from SeptemberHouse now available for DIY Holiday Ornaments

Wood embroidery frames for DIY ornaments

It's so much fun to share new products with you all and I am particularly excited about the one I am sharing today. Now available from SeptemberHouse: Wood frames for embroidered ornaments! These are a SeptemberHouse exclusive - designed by me for embroiderists like you!

Wood Embroidery frames for Holiday Ornaments by SeptemberHouse

Wood Embroidery frames for Baby's First ChristmasHoliday Ornaments by SeptemberHouse

You may have had a chance to see these with the new Baby's First Christmas ornaments for 2016. They feature engraved text and a clean modern look. I finish mine with wood stain and a protective seal but they can be painted or left as-is too.

Wood Embroidery frames for Baby's First ChristmasHoliday Ornaments by SeptemberHouse

Both the engraved style and the original non-engraved style are available in both individual and multipack options.  

Wood Embroidery frames for Christmas Holiday Ornaments by SeptemberHouse

And of course directions are included as well since these work in a slightly different way than traditional embroidery hoops (which is what I love about them by the way!). No ugly backsides! - these three-piece frames fit together in a way that tucks away those fabric ends, hides the back of your embroidery and creates a clean, sleek look. 

Wood Embroidery frames for Christmas Holiday Ornaments by SeptemberHouse

Thanks for taking a peek at these new ornament frames for embroidery. I cannot wait to see the gorgeous keepsakes people make with these! You can find these frames at SeptemberHouse.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

beating the heat

Ice Cream Truck Embroidery Pattern by SeptemberHouse

Who is ready for a little relief from the heat? If we listen closely I think we can hear that reassuring "ding! ding!" signally the arrival of an ice cream truck. Do you hear it?

Ice Cream Truck Embroidery Pattern by SeptemberHouse

Okay, so maybe it doesn't work for an embroidered ice cream truck but it was worth a shot. To be honest I have not seen/heard a single ice cream truck all Summer. Where did those guys go?

So this pattern was designed way back when we still just dreaming about summer and I just now finished stitching it up. I ordered fabric for this one because I thought I would want the added color but I almost think it would have been fine without it. I am curious about how it would look that way too. Newsletter subscribers got this one for free so some of you have already seen this. Hopefully you all had a chance to give this one a go.

Now that I have cooled off I think I will head out to the garden and see how my poor plants are faring! Thanks for taking a peek at this project!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

the angels make a comeback

angel embroidery pattern holiday hand embroidery

Since we are in the middle of a heatwave and the middle of July you can bet I'll have just one thing on my mind... you guessed it, Christmas!

angel embroidery pattern holiday hand embroidery

I decided to re-vamp my Holiday Angels pattern collection a few months ago and finally have the updated version ready to go.

angel embroidery pattern holiday hand embroidery

One little angel got a pretty big makeover and I just re-stitched the other two. And yes, there is still a secret freebie pattern in the set - dang it - I keep blurting that out! I meant to say there may or may not be a secret free pattern included * wink *

angel embroidery pattern holiday hand embroidery

And now back to our regularly scheduled heatwave. To be honest I love the hot weather - and so do my tomatoes so I refuse to complain about it. Stay cool everyone!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ornament options, oh my!

Hi everyone, just wanted to share a new option this year at SeptemberHouse. I have added an un-engraved wooden ornament frame this year so even if it isn't a "first Christmas" for a special loved one, you can still treat them to some personalized holiday delight. 

personalized holiday ornaments handmade by SeptemberHouse

All of the 2016 designs can be made with this new from OR with the "1st Christmas 2016" frame
personalized holiday ornaments penguin design handmade by SeptemberHouse
You'll find a slightly lower price for the un-engraved option as well.
personalized holiday ornaments elephant design handmade by SeptemberHouse
 Find these and all the 2016 hand embroidered ornament options at SeptemberHouse

personalized holiday ornaments squirrel design handmade by SeptemberHouse

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

write here, write now

hand embroidered greeting cards by SeptemberHouse

Every year I scramble to get just one more thing done before that school bell rings for the last time and summer vacation begins. This year my 'final' project is actually a 'first' project. With great pleasure I introduce a new line of paper products that are slowly but surely making their way onto SeptemberHouse shelves.

floral folded cards hand embroidered art by SeptemberHouse

First out of the gate are these two notecard designs. They are available individually or in a set of six. They each come with a matching white envelope and are blank on the inside. 

modern hand embroidered flowers stationery by SeptemberHouse

I wanted to go with some bold and clean floral designs that I hope letter writers and readers everywhere will enjoy. To be completely honest here - these are actually round two of this project - I have another set of embroidered flowers that, after hours and hours of stitching, I decided were not 'bold' enough. With any luck I will be able to find a way to incorporate those into another project but for now they are tucked away in box so I don't have to be reminded of that first failed attempt!

modern hand embroidered flowers stationery by SeptemberHouse

The good news is that there are more designs in the works because - even with some do-overs - these have been tons of fun to design and create. All the goodies seen here can be found in my Handmade Amazon shop, Darby Smart and Etsy. Also watch for more modern florals to 'bloom' over in my Society6 shop. 

Thanks for taking a peek at these!

Friday, April 29, 2016

quick - stitch this!

Today I have just a little something to share with you. Actually 60 little somethings....
Mini Embroidery Patterns by SeptemberHouse
It's a brand new pattern collection called, "Quick Stitch". It's a departure from my usual pattern sets but it was born out of necessity (as all great things are, right?) Here is the scoop:
Mini Embroidery Pattern Collection by SeptemberHouse
In a moment of either genius or insanity - I am not sure which - I decided I wanted to add some embroidered embellishment to some canvas shoes. I started rummaging though my patterns to find something I could use but wasn't having any luck - I didn't need a large detailed pattern - just some small elements. 
Mini Embroidery Pattern Collection by SeptemberHouse
Then it struck me that the need for some small designs to liven up a sewing or craft project is something I run into fairly often. If I was running into that I guessed other people were as well. That is when Quick Stitch was born. 

In this pattern collection there are 60 different designs that are about 2 x 2 inches. They can be stitched up quickly using even the most basic of embroidery stitches. There is a huge variety here as well - plants, animals, weather, words, food - so much to choose from. I think (and hope) that people will get a lot of use out of this set and will have fun in the process. 

As you can see I stitched up a few examples myself. I used one of the flower designs on a zipper pouch and made a large embroidered magnet for a friend with the Matroyshka doll design. Need ideas for projects that beg for a bit of embroidered awesomeness? I have a list that I gathered that features fabric projects that would look great with a bit of added embroidery. Take a look at some of the wonderful tutorials here and a big HUGE thank you to all the lovely bloggers who shared these - I am so grateful to you! 

And if you aren't big on sewing you can always add these on to store bought items like clothing, lampshades, table linens, curtains and, of course.

potholders from aesthetic nest

fabric wrist cuff from make something special

cord keeper from love to sew

fabric headband from Happy Together

dishtowels from Craftiness is not Optional

key chains from Craftiness is not Optional

bookmarks from the Crafty Mummy

phone wallet from Crafty Little Projects

eyeglass/sunglasses case from Crazy Little Projects

fabric light switch plates from Vicki Howell

fabric banner from Sisters, What?

mini pincushions from Sew Can She

pocket hand warmers from Leaves and Stitches

fabric bins from Birch Fabrics

cloth napkins from Kirtsy

reversible coffee cozy from Love2Create

reversible hat from Martha Stewart

tissue pack cover from Better Homes and Gardens

tissue box slipcover from Go Gingham

potholders from Miss Mary Sews

toddler neckties from Vanilla Joy